Erickson Partners

Erickson Partners

An Authoritative Experienced Expert

How much is it worth?

Will your professional’s or expert’s opinion stand up?


The answer to these questions is critical under many circumstances. And, when the circumstances call for an independent, supportable, and defensible opinion of value, hire an expert with experience in providing authoritative opinions of value. Erickson Partners is authoritative, experienced and the expert name to remember.
We provide the expertise, experience  and service level of the world’s largest accounting and consulting firms at boutique firm pricing. Our Practice Leaders and senior management all have “Big 4″ backgrounds and have provided positive solutions to clients valuation and advisory needs. We have performed thousands of business valuations and appraisals across a spectrum of industries and we have significant experience in professional sports teams, energy, auto dealerships, insurance and high-technology firms.
Erickson Partners is located in Dallas, Texas, centrally located in the United States and home to one of the largest international airports in the world. Our location allows us the flexibility and ease to evaluate thousands of businesses throughout the United States and international markets.  From the west coast to the east coast, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia, Erickson Partners has produced quality, defensible valuation opinions for our clients.

Industry Experience & Specialties

Our team has broad experience across many industries and sectors. In addition, Erickson Partners has developed particular experience and thought leadership in certain specific areas as listed below:


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